To make sure you receive your Easter confections, please order no later than April 6.

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Romolo Chocolates, Erie PA: Artisan chocolates, barista drinks and decadent treats, featuring Grandpa Romolo's Famous Sponge Candy.
The chocolate is SO IMPRESSIVE!- 3-Year-old Kaci Vergenes.Pittsburgh, PA   --- Even a 3-year-old loves you and knows the difference between the good stuff and IMPRESSIVE stuff. :)! - Elise Vandamia.Pittsburgh, PA
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Caramel Collection
Our delectable caramel collection includes our krispie and freshly roasted pecan varieties, as well as chocolate-coated caramels lightly dusted with Fleur de Sel, Hawaiian red, or Sel Gris.  The salt wakes your taste buds and pairs sublimely with the sweet caramel.  Shop now